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    • Joyce Oddo
      Creator of Creative Preschool Programs

      Joyce Oddo

      Creator of Creative Preschool Programs

      I am so glad you have found your way to Creative Preschool Programs.

      I want to tell you a little about myself and how CPP began. I was surprised at how I felt as my career working with children was winding down. I really did not want my ideas and programs to end with my retirement. I want them to continue to enrich the lives of little kiddos in other children’s programs.

      I hope you fall in love with my programs/ teaching materials and implement them into your program.

      I have a wide variety of teaching experiences that helped form my programs…’s a quick look!

      ***Teaching in a childcare center as a lead teacher for 4 years!
      ***Gymnastics club owner and coach for 7 years!
      ***Children’s Enrichment Center and Preschool owner for 10 years!
      ***Preschool and Kindergarten music teacher for 4 years!

      Presently I am working to get all of my programs into a professional format to make available for you to purchase. I will add the programs and ideas as they are completed so keep checking back throughout the year!

      Together let’s keep the creativity and energy in the classroom alive.

      Let’s face it, the children’s laughter and excitement sparks then ignites our “why” we LOVE teaching children!